" Intercultural education becomes inescapable...

for future generations ! "

Translated by Anaïs Michaud

The collective ambition is to develop this Club, in the near future, towards an educational and intercultural Center for peace. The Club managers will appeal to the City Hall of La Rochelle and local partners for the provision of appropriate premises, a place of management and activities for the influence of actions made in the City and its urban area.

The intercultural center for UNESCO of La Rochelle will be an animated space organized around functional thematic spaces in which local actions will be developed but also regional, national and international exchanges with the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The choice of place for UNESCO center La Rochelle in an appropriate environment, will enable intercultural interactions in a friendly, welcoming and inspiring setting to encourage research and solidarity exchanges between visitors from here and elsewhere; active volunteers, pupils and students, inhabitant from different backgrounds, tourists, partners, elected representatives …

The location chosen for this infrastructure, a real research laboratory with humanist aims, would boost cooperation, association and solidarity. Moreover, it would show the importance of intercultural education for future generations.

An intercultural education Center recognized for:

Initiator of intercultural projects.

Facilitator for the implementation and realization of solidarity actions.

Researcher & Trainer in the field of « Intercultural Education Sciences » by active methods.

A link for young generations with associations from La Rochelle and the other UNESCO Clubs ; national and international federations (WFUCA) to build a network of information exchanges and good practices.

An intercultural educational is a window to the world, a teaching research laboratory, a place of commitment from which the meaning of the word « citizen » emerges after discussion and thinking.

"Think Globally, Act Locally..."

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