" Since wars begin in the minds of men,

it is in the minds of men that

the defences of peace must be constructed " *.

*Constitution of UNESCO

Translated by Anaïs Michaud

UNESCO Clubs play a role both on the national and international stage. Based on an intercultural education, this affiliation requires an openness to other cultures by teaching exchange, sharing, dialogue, and enriching one-self with different cultures.

UNESCO Clubs precise some essential points of their roles

Their educational mission :

To contribute to the training of citizens involved in the construction of a world of justice, solidarity and peace.

UNESCO Clubs are permanent places of Education about:

- Human Rights, Secularity, and Democracy,

- Sustainable development, and international solidarity,

- Cultural diversity and cultural heritage.

UNESCO Clubs refer to the values expressed in the Constitution of UNESCO and in the basic texts from the United Nations, the founding principles of their commitment.

"Building peace in the minds of men and women"

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Taking part in the activities of the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle offers their members the opportunity to show their sense of sharing, solidarity, and ethics. It’s also the means to arouse people’s curiosity about the world, to make people aware of its intelligibility, and to find collectively parts of answer for a new international standard…

Becoming a participating member of the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle enables to develop activities with all the inhabitants from different districts of the city, the urban area of La Rochelle and the Region, but also a rapid and reliable international cooperation with partners sharing common values.