To build a world of justice, solidarity and peace...

Translated by Anaïs Michaud

Since its creation in 2010, UNESCO Club of La Rochelle mobilizes itself to promote the intercultural dialogue and to devote itself to "live better together", focusing on meetings, solidarity and eco-citizen actions for sustainable development and social cohesion at local and international level.

Living better together.

UNESCO was created in 1945 :

Article 1. The founding States of the Organization es États fondateurs de l’Organisation declared that the main UNESCO objective is to :

"Contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration through education, science and culture, collaboration among nations...".

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UNESCO headquarters in Paris

Active members of the association undertake to spread the values, the ideals of the Organization and be attentive to the imperative of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights respect.

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Ethnic or national affiliation, age and gender, education, groups, associations, religions, institutions, human and professional skills make each one of us, a person belonging to a specific culture.

Today, it is more important than ever to accept the distinctive characteristics of various cultures and let them blossom.

For the founding members of the club, an intercultural education is therefore essential for the younger generations, with in prospect of acceptance and recognition of otherness.

The members of the Club in La Rochelle wish to promote intercultural exchange and dedicate themselves to "living better together", by favoring the meetings and intercultural education, solidarity eco-citizen exchanges, for sustainable development and social cohesion, at local and international level (young people and adults).