Translated by Anaïs Michaud

The Patrimonial Navigations,

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They did it !...

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The Patrimonial Navigation ( coastal and fluvial) fits in perfectly with the goals of the MPA (Marine protected Area) with regard of its pedagogical and educational project and all the actions already being taken by the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle with young people, since 2010.

The Patrimonial Navigations... to understand better the climate change !

Which solutions to climate imbalance ? which behaviors to adopt ?...

Navigations Patrimoniales France Sénégal

film 2 navigations patrimoniales AVEC SOUS TITRES - Nouveau.wmv

The Patrimonial Navigations...

A label to recognize and enhance,

The good actions and practices.

The "Marine protected Area" is a small coastal sea area managed in participatory way by the students of primary school under the principles defined by a charter.

It is a pedagogical and environment citizen project of knowledge and the protection of marine environment by young audiences.

The school, partners and the UNESCO Club of La Rochelle are mobilized to take part in this approach and get, with the board management of the MPA, the labelling for the next two years ( renewable after evaluation ).

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The Patrimonial Navigations in Senegal...

Cultural diversity and multiculturalism... international solidarity in action !

The Patrimonial Navigations... for University trainings.

Florian (Master 2)
Anouk & Coline (Master 1)

The Patrimonial Navigations ...

A concept...developed and implemented by the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle.

Liban Beyrouth

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Participation in " The Climate Train " reception


Official visit of the Hermione

in La Rochelle

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