" There, all is order and beauty, luxury, and pleasure"

"Initiation au voyage"

Charles Baudelaire

Translated by Anaïs Michaud

The UNESCO Club of La Rochelle invests itself with those who work on the development and preservation of our environment and common heritage. Our action was highlighted on the international platform UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS: click below to learn more...

Since its creation in 2010, the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle develops its "Patrimonial Navigations" project to educate young generations and the general public to the various transformations and damages of coastal and marine areas that we're facing. Thus, we consider that the protection of Oceans is essential for our planet and our common future.

To know everything about the Patrimonial Navigations: For who? Why? Our actions, trainings, maritime exihibitions, local events, national and international, our partners..All informations are gathering on this page. Good navigation !

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