With whom? What means? Where?

 Translated by Anaïs Michaud  https://sites.google.com/a/clubunesco-larochelle.fr/club-unesco-la-rochelle/programme-activites-1/navigation-patrimoniale/accompagnement
Patrimonial Navigations where...

Let's discover 
by boat the biodiversity of Pertuis Charentais, the historical heritage along the Charente-Maritime coast, over local islands (Ré, Oléron, Aix), the naval dockyard of Rochefort just next to the Charente river,… or sail up the Seudre river…, by :

An approach that is:

 Responsible (Get involved in sustainable development with the protection of biodiversity and ecologically fragile areas…)

 Environmental (Exploration of the environment and green spaces)   

 Fun (piloting a boat; a drone; take part in the "Trivial Pertuis- Island" Quiz)

Educational (List of marine occupations, tourist and leisure activities...)

tours suitable for all!... groups & individuals...)

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Patrimonial Navigations with...

Nomadis Spirit "  2016 season : Navigations and meetings program 


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On Shipboard, 
Loading of scientific, educational and observation  ;
Drones for leisure* Aerial and/or Underwater (coming soon) with video-photo integrated; Introduction to piloting (suitable for all) to visit our environment and our natural sites i"3D" ; experimentation workshop in schools ; student research projects ... creation of itinerary for navigations; Learning - reading of maps, landscapes and maritime code - solve the riddles; solidarity meetings and exchanges with sea professionals,...
 for fauna and heritage enthusiasts - for better admiration, understanding and protection of our planet...

                 It's NEW !!!... 

... to observe, study
enjoy, and have unforgettable memories… shots from the air and at sea and soon… underwater !
                   see you soon

*Possibility to bring your own equipment.


Project in 2016 - 2017
                                         "OCEAN MY LOVE"
the support of our sponsoring partners 
 La Fondation Léa Nature 
under the aegis of La Fondation de France.
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everal exploration modules organized in La Rochelle and Pertuis in order to discover the sea, coastline, biodiversity, the maritime professions, the local culture of Charente-Maritime, then exchanging our discoveries with the pupils from Casamance in Senegal on the international platfrom UNESCO Green Citizens to protect the environment (fauna/flora) and cultural heritage.

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