" There, all is order and beauty, luxury, and pleasure" 
                                                                                                                                         "Initiation au voyage" Charles Baudelaire 
Translated by Anaïs Michaudhttp://www.clubunesco-larochelle.fr/programme-activites-1/navigation-patrimoniale
The UNESCO Club of LRochelle invests itself with those who work on the development 
and preservation of our environment and common heritage. Our action was highlighted on the international platform UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS: click below to learn more...
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Since its creation in 2010the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle develops its "Patrimonial Navigations" project to educate young generations and the general public to the various transformations and damages of coastal and marine areas that we're facing. Thus, we consider that the protection of Oceans is essential for our planet and our common future.

To know everything about the Patrimonial Navigations: For who? Why? Our actions, trainings, maritime exihibitions, local events, national and international, our partners..All informations are gathering on this page. Good navigation !

France                   Senegal
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Project in 2016 - 2017
                           "OCEAN MY LOVE"
the support of our sponsoring partners 
 La Fondation Léa Nature
under the aegis of La Fondation de France.
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everal exploration modules organized in La Rochelle and Pertuis in order to discover the sea, coastline, biodiversity, the maritime professions, the local culture of Charente-Maritime, then exchanging our discoveries with the pupils from Casamance in Senegal on the international platfrom UNESCO Green Citizens to protect the environment (fauna/flora) and cultural heritage.

Teaser Navigations Patrimoniales

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Patrimonial Navigations with...

Nomadis Spirit "  2016 season : Navigations and meetings program 


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On Shipboard, 
Loading of scientific, educational and observation  ;
Drones for leisure* Aerial and/or Underwater (coming soon) with video-photo integrated; Introduction to piloting (suitable for all) to visit our environment and our natural sites i"3D" ; experimentation workshop in schools ; student research projects ... creation of itinerary for navigations; Learning - reading of maps, landscapes and maritime code - solve the riddles; solidarity meetings and exchanges with sea professionals,...
 for fauna and heritage enthusiasts - for better admiration, understanding and protection of our planet...

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... to observe, study
enjoy, and have unforgettable memories… shots from the air and at sea and soon… underwater !
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*Possibility to bring your own equipment.

Let's discover 
by boat the biodiversity of Pertuis Charentais, the historical heritage along the Charente-Maritime coast, over local islands (Ré, Oléron, Aix), the naval dockyard of Rochefort just next to the Charente river,… or sail up the Seudre river…, by :

An approach that is:

 Responsible (Get involved in sustainable development with the protection of biodiversity and ecologically fragile areas…)

 Environmental (Exploration of the environment and green spaces)   

 Fun (piloting a boat; a drone; take part in the "Trivial Pertuis- Island" Quiz)

 Educational (List of marine occupations, tourist and leisure activities...)

tours suitable for all!... groups & individuals...)

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Patrimonial Navigations ...

Patrimoine Marin joyaux des Océans

For who ?... Why...?
Recreating the link between men and sea!   

We had noticed that, in La Rochelle and Charente-Maritime department, despite the nearness to the sea, few children have already sailed and more generally, a minority of people goes to sea. Faced with the need to make people aware of global warming, environment, its fragility and wealth, we think that the patrimonial navigations match up very well to this approach, in order to raise public awareness of the importance to protect it.


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La Rochelle inhabitants and the sea : towards a demaritimization ?

Analyzing the development of the maritimity of La Rochelle makes us realize that currently there is a gap between the city and the sea.


Appropriating the sea, a concept : the Maritimity

Maritimity is a concept denoting the different ways that peoples have to appropriate the sea, through their social and cultural structures. This maritimity might evolve over time, everywhere, and according to groups of people. (Françoise Péron, 1996)

A sea outing enables another approach by discovering the feeling of navigation, biodiversity, landscape components, the History and the heritage, because the landscape reading is made at sea.

In concrete terms, Patrimonial Navigations consists in the discovery of the landscape, the architectural and natural heritage that surround us by sailing.


One of the driving forces is :

better knowledge for a better communication”.

More precisely, it's organized in 3 modules :

• The discovery of the natural and architectural heritage,

• The discovery of the local economy, marine occupations and maritime infrastructures.

• Awareness of environmental protection and the cultural heritage.

Being aware of the importance of the heritage and the environment is a first step towards an active involvement in the process of protection. By making our children understand the unique and irreplaceable value of this heritage, we will help future generations to take better care of their heritage and environment.

The World Heritage Program helps countries to propose the inscription of marine sites and manage its development effectively for future generations. Currently, the list of Marine World Heritage includes 47 marine sites.




On the Atlantic coast..., 


" We protect well what we know well..."


Preserving species and ecosystems and all that they can bring to the human species, it’s conceiving a sustainable use of natural resources.

A Patrimonial navigation (coastal and / or fluvial) integrates perfectly with the objectives of the MPA ( Marine 
Protected Area) 
which is a delimited marine area that needs a long-term protection.
A Protected Marine 
is also characterized by a number of management measures implemented in favor of the protection objective:
A scientific monitoring
action program, charter of good conduct, protection of public land, regulation, supervision, information to the public.

This objective is rarely exclusive
it is often either associated with a local objective of socio-economic development or linked with a sustainable management of resources. Usually, the piloting is entrusted to a local body representing the different stakeholders.

The Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle took part in the Culture conference organized by the city.
Read the Restitution concerning the forum « Maritime walkways » by clicking on the logo...

 The Patrimonial Navigations,

all a program on shipboard...

They did it !...     



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The Patrimonial Navigation ( coastal and fluvial) fits in perfectly with the goals of the MPA (Marine protected Area) with regard of its pedagogical and educational project and all the actions already being taken by the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle with young people, since 2010.

The Patrimonial Navigations...  to understand better the climate change !
Which solutions to climate imbalance ?   which behaviors to adopt ?... 

The Patrimonial Navigations...
A label to recognize and enhance,
The good actions and practices.

The "Marine protected Area" is a small coastal sea area managed in participatory way by the students of primary school under the principles defined by a charter.

It is a pedagogical and environment citizen project of knowledge and the protection of marine environment by young audiences.

The school, partners and the UNESCO Club of La Rochelle are mobilized to take part in this approach and get, with the board management of the MPA, the labelling for the next two years ( renewable after evaluation ).

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The Patrimonial Navigations in Senegal... 
Cultural diversity and multiculturalism... international solidarity in action !  


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The Patrimonial Navigations... for University trainings.

                      Florian   (Master 2)                                                                                             Anouk  &  Coline  (Master 1)           
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The Patrimonial Navigations ...
A concept...developed and implemented by the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle.
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Participation in " The Climate Train " reception

Conference ...
Navigation, ... Training, ...Action-research,...  click on the pictures

Presentation of
300 young people go off to explore the ocean by conversing with sea experts and fanatics on the occasion of the 1st UNESCO OPEN CAMPUS. During the first event about « a planet, an ocean », partner NGOs and UNESCO experts presented the current issues related to the ocean, the actions of UNESCO and civil society, and the need for a citizen behavior.    

The maintenance of marine ecosystems 
« in good health » ...

Open Campus UNESCO

... is an essential condition for the fight
against climate change

Campus "L'Odyssée".

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Expedition 7° Continent

        Our marines partners in La Rochelle