"Solidarity is not assistantship...

 Solidarity is not ponctual emotion...

    Solidarity is not the hand that gives above the one which receives!" 

African proverb.

School exchanges by Skype
(France - Senegal) January 2017
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Solidarity Senegal 
From 18 to 28 nov 2016
The Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle is behind the research mission in Basse-Casamance carried out at request and in collaboration with local partners 
from 10th to 22nd February 2013.

RESEARCH MISSION                          

 Florian BARGAT 

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The exploration objective of this mission was the implementation of many and varied projects:
  • Tourist trail,
  • Environnement awareness,
  • Maritime and aquaculture training 
  • ICTs training (Information and communication technologies)

February Mission 2013 

Patrimonial Navigations
in France et Senegal...

Année 2016-2017

Solidarity tourism, what is it ?
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La caravane solidaire en Afrique : sur la piste d un tourisme responsable

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Fair and solidarity tourism includes forms of alternative tourism that focus on human and encounter but also a logic of territories development.

School Exchanges by Skype

Within the framework of the “International Solidarity” project set up by the Club for UNESCO and its partners, a first exchange on Skype occurred on January 30th 2017 between pupils from the school of Oussouye (Senegal) and Raymond Boucher (La Rochelle).

The very enthusiastic pupils had the opportunity to introduce themselves. Various exchanges on Skype are planned between the other grades of both schools. 

These moments of discussion were organized to enable pupils to talk about their experience within the “Coastal and fluvial patrimonial navigations” project, an educational tool that aims to make children aware of environment and heritage from the Charente coastline and Basse-Casamance.

                                                                    Amélie Duquesne 


The commitments of responsible traveler
The traveler that chooses this form of tourism is a responsible consumer. This person is aware of his attitude and his acts, which could be a development factor and a destabilizing element for host peoples.

Consequently, the traveler commits himself to :

  • Avoiding any attitude and intervention that could turn the social, cultural and ecological balances of communities upside down.
  • Refraining from any donation and intervention on the place that wouldn’t be supervised by the authorities of host communities. 

Computer training in Senegal 2014 ...

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Our partnership with the associations 

  from Oussouye village in Casamance

enable the creation of

 educational  and  solidarity  projects:

1. Farming, Aquaculture      

2. Educational       

  3. Sanitary          

4. Tourist          

The involvement of local populations in the various phases of the tourism project, a more equitable distribution of available resources, the respect for people, for their cultures and environment are the foundations of this kind of tourism.