In this section, you can consult the list of Exhibitions 
that we have presented or that are planned 
in La Rochelle and its urban area.

  1. The Black Stars
  2. Underwater Cultural Heritage
  3. Water, priority of a changing world
  4. Journeys to school
  5. Women Builders of Africa
  6. Women, Arts and Sciences
  7. Rio+20, Eco-UNESCO in Dublin
  8. World Heritage and Sustainable development: the role of local communities
  9. Mosaic of peoples and World Culture
  10. Permanent exhibition about PEACE - Drawings from La Rochelle schools in New World Museum
  11. Secularism in questions - A permanent virtual exhibition proposed on BNF website (National Library of France)
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The Black Stars

From May 10th to September 18th 2016

In Cloître des Dames Blanches in La Rochelle

from the book of Lilian Thuram

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Underwater Cultural Heritage 
(in preparation 2016 & 2017...)
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Underwater cultural heritage includes all the traces of human existence that rest or have rested in the waters and that is related to Culture or History. 3 millions of wrecks are estimated such as The Titanic,…       

There is also sunken cities and several sunken remnants like the Lighthouse of Alexandria – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – or thousands of prehistoric sites…


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 International conference 2017 
with 55 member states 

Convention on the protection of the
Underwater Cultural Heritage

Water, Priority of a changing world ...



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How to manage, preserve and provide access to clean water to                                       everyone?                                          

These are the crucial challenges to take up in the 21st century.

 Journeys to School 

Places of exhibition in FRANCE and worldwide





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      Women Builders of
           Femmes Bâtisseuses d'Afrique (2013)


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                          Women, Arts 
and Sciences      


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Proposed by Florence Boué 
and the association “Les chemins Buissonniers”, this exhibition aims at highlighting few women, either scientists or artists, forgotten or unrecognized from our collective history. The objective is not to analyze these women’s destinies, but to offer you an overview of unknown stories, fighting, will, tenacity, ambition, passion… The aim is also to play a part in changing the women’s image, by regarding them not as submissive women but as women who had taken in charge their own destiny.

Dublin Eco-UNESCO Rio +20
(Doriole high school)

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World Heritage
Sustainable Development :
              The role of Local Communities




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Translated by Anaïs Michaud

The Traveling exhibition

2016-2017 Years
School complexes
Exhibition rooms in Charente-Maritime 
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Lilian Thuram signs his book "Mes étoiles noires"


Before Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela, black stars have gone down in history, have brought human values at the highest level of humanity and have developed sciences, arts, literature, civil rights… 
Yet, they have been forgotten or deliberately hidden
 This exhibition is to show the intelligence of heart and spirit whatever the skin color, origins (social, geographical…).
  • Meetings with schools (primary schools, secondary schools, high schools...)
Conference suitable for all

Seabed is 
« the biggest museum of the world »...


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On the occasion of the Centenary of the World War I, UNESCO will launch an educational initiative in favor of peace for young people between 2014 et 2018.


Heritage - Peace - Reconciliation

Educational initiative for peace

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                         Meeting with schools                                           (Primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, universities…)
                         " A UNESCO Village for all "
                        (Date and place of the event to confirm)

An educational action with Bleu Versant NGO "Teaser 2"

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"Water, priority of a changing world" exhibition encourages to discover the answers provided by UNESCO for 35 years, by managing the international hydrological research, including the aspects related to water resources management, and by promoting education and abilities reinforcement.

These actions, adapted to specific needs of governments and peoples, include issues of a changing world, such as water governance and legal aspects.

  • Meetings with schools  (primary school and high school...)

« Journeys to School » is a tribute to the tenacity and love of life of children, but the goal is also to show that children are facing several obstacles in their quest for education :

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  • Poverty, lack of public transport, political and religious conflicts, urban insecurity, natural disasters, gender inequalities…

Meetings and exchanges between pupils and ...
A photograph from La Rochelle 
Téophile TROSSAT.

Amélie Essesse Interview

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Proposed by Amélie Essesse, architect expert at UNESCO, this exhibition presents the work of African architect women, rural and urban, that contribute to the creation, building, management, transmission and conservation of their housing conditions.

Preview of 2 exhibitions ...
Conference  at the University with

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Amélie Essesse  Architect expert at UNESCO
Florence Boué Doctor of neuroscience 

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Exhibtion proposed by Doriole high school and
 the Eco-UNESCO Club of Dublin in Irland 

within the framework of RIO +20,
linguistic journeys and intercultural exchanges.

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The mission of the World Heritage Convention

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World Heritage is a cornerstone of peace and sustainable development. This is a source of identity and dignity for local communities, source of knowledge and strength to share.

In 2012, for the celebration of the World Heritage Convention 40th anniversary, this message was topical.

Irina Bokova,
Director-General of UNESCO.

Conference at the Charente-Maritime Departmental Council 
with the sociologist Nicolas LEROY
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