Our presence in the city
Translated by Anaïs Michaudhttps://sites.google.com/a/clubunesco-larochelle.fr/club-unesco-la-rochelle/programme-activites-1

        To facilitate intercultural exchangethe Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle proposes to initiate and / or collaborate on eco-friendly and solidarity meetings for young people in primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, students from any university but also for community centers, citizens from La Rochelle and its urban area… with the objective to promote human values of tolerance, solidarity, and peace, in order to live better together.

Activities Program 

News spreading

1. Standard-Setting Instruments of UNESCO

Title:    «Texts and words to tell it».   

           (Conferences; educational kits; magazines; DVD; ...)


2. Patrimonial Navigations 

Title« Through the Pertuis Charentais :                                                                                                                                                 Brittany, Antioch, Maumusson, the Charente »    

                         - From April  to  October -

         (Introduction to local biodiversity and Charente coastline.)

Project in Casamance, in Sénégal   

W.O.D (World Oceans Day) on June 8th.

Sustainable development

With Léa Nature ....

Celebrations - Commemorations 

3. Conference 2017 on the Protection of           the Underwater Cultural Heritage

The centenary of the World War I


International Day of Peace on Septembre 21st


4. Exhibitions and conferences....

                    artistic, scientific, cultural.         

Title:  Examples...

                             « The Black Stars »

                      « Women Builders of Africa »      

               « Women, Arts and Sciences...» 

        March 2013 at the University Library of La Rochelle

                    « Journeys to school »

     October, November 2013 in the city center, districts 

                         and school of La Rochelle,

    In Cloître des Dames Blanches, in the Towers of the old port.


5. Introduction to Sustainable Development

Title: « Eco-UNESCO’S Rio+20 »... Doriole High School

    In partnership with the Eco-UNESCO Club of DUBLIN in Irland.

6. Eco-tourism Fair & Solidarity project in Senegal

Title:    «Fishing and Traditions » school experiences

          Maritime and Aquaculture High School (France / Senegal )

                   « Computer training » (in October)

                              With the support of the Groupe RIDORET.


7. UNESCO World Days in PARIS 

     " World and International days "

8. Diversity weeks in La Rochelle .           

"International day for the elimination of racism and discriminations "

at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris

9.  Peace Week in La Rochelle and at UNESCO.   

               "Remambrance days" on the land...        


10. I.C.T use (Information and Communication Technology)

     Title« D’TICS et D’CLICS...                      

            Reworking and monitoring of the Club's website

           (Post on the website of the Club for UNESCO of La Rochelle.)    

                    Trainings / Testings

11. Trainees and Volunteers Welcome

 " Journeys to Citizenship " 

with pupils: primary shools, secondary schools, high schools.

 "Internships for students/Civic Service missions."

 (with a training contract - National Education ).

                            Action Research

12.University colloquium, conferences, internship

         Title« Intercultural education initiation...»


13. Production of the exhibition

                            « The Black Stars »

                    Project developed in tandem with 

                             "Lilian Thuram" foundation

14.           Meetings / Debate shows

         Quarterly meetings of the members of the Club                                      at the headquarters, rue Fleuriau

*Our partnership with the associations

 from OUSSOUYE village

in  Casamance,  in  Senegal, enable the creation of

4  educational and solidarity projects

1. Farming, Aquaculture

2. Educational

3. Sanitary

4. Tourist

                                          Fouding texts


  Human Rights - World Heritage Convention ...

   The Patrimonial Navigations


    The Exhibitions...
      Interventions in schools, secondary schools, high schools, Universities
                Quality education for ALL          

                                 International Solidarity inSénégal


 Projects in Oussouye in Casamance*

         Peace Week                     European Heritage Days

  International Youth meetings

          Master 2 student University LR         Civic Services Missions
         University Conference                     Trainees welcome

           The creation of exhibtions
            Meetings for
 Preview on May 10th 2016                    conferences in Paris

Partner cities...